Fake or Fortune is not an autobiography. Peter Sharp is not Peter Maidens. Nonetheless, they share similar backgrounds and experience, and their ages are similar.

The author spent much of his childhood living and working amongst livestock, and for the first twenty years of his working life, lived in a wide cross-section of country towns as a Stock & Station Agent and Auctioneer.

After starting his own business in Canberra, Peter Maidens quickly became recognised as an auctioneer with a
difference. Those years in country saleyards, selling to professional buyers, gave him a certain flair and confidence which appealed to many Canberra real estate agents.
During the next 27 years Peter and great friend and colleague, Pat Reid, conducted auctions for no less than
83 other agencies, as well as the many they held under
their own banner.

For the last 23 years of his career Peter acted as a
Registered Valuer of Real Estate, Rural Property, Livestock, Plant and Machinery, Antiques and Fine Art.

Following his retirement to Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland the author travelled frequently to the UK, France, Italy and to his `special place`, Sicily. While in England he
spent a considerable time in London's National Gallery, acquiring an `eye` for Old Masters; especially Rembrandt. He was somewhat fascinated by the dull, stuffiness of some English fine art auctioneers. He is of the firm opinion that a few years amid the dust and flies of Australia's outback saleyards would be a good `finishing school` for some of the auctioneers he saw in the UK.

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