...how he, the bush kid, had relished those childhood years and had gone on to make two successful careers; one involving livestock and vast grazing properties, the other a world apart, as a talented fine art valuer and auctioneer in London. His fine art career was the reason he was touching down at this country airport right now. He expected the assignment to take no more than a week.

To find an art collection of this quality out on the black soil plains of New South Wales was a rarity in itself. To value this collection, most of which was unsigned, was easy enough.

What were the paintings worth if they proved to be genuine? What were they worth if they were found to be deliberate fakes?

Peter Sharp's assignment became more complicated when he woke the next morning with these words ringing in his ears: "Take care, great care, there is much more to Malcolm Morgan that you realise".

Almost ten years later this assignment would still have a profound influence
on the life of Peter Sharp.

This book is a deeply moving love story; one that should capture the hearts of all who read it. The intriguing fine art thread that runs through the book, right to the end, is the reason that the love story happened in the first place.

The story begins out on the extensive black-soil plains of north-west New South Wales and moves from there to many distant places, including the ancient and spectacular island of Sicily. Here Sharp experiences, first hand, the stunning beauty of its coastline, the kindness of its people; as well as the dark side of this little island that began with the emergence of the Mafia back in the mid 1800s.

There are some amazing, and sometimes shocking, surprises for Peter Sharp during the ten years that he is involved with the Morgan Collection.

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